Planting seeds

Last week I ordered a few more seeds for the garden from a local (Ontario) supplier of organic and heirloom seeds, The Cottage Gardener, so I was super excited when I got home from school last night and saw that they had already arrived.Image

An article in the magazine Allt om trädgård convinced me of the beauty and nutrition to be found in red leafy vegetables, so I ordered some red leaf lettuce and a plant called amaranth, which I’d never heard of before.  You can eat the leaves young, like spinach, or let it go to seed and cook the seeds like any other grain. I love the idea of tasting an entirely new vegetable – it’s an experience you don’t have very often. I also put in some calendula, nasturtium and marigold – a golden trio of sunny, edible flowers that I’m so excited for.


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